Privilege 🦋
We are always told,
have been told multiple times,
“Bloom where you are planted.”
And while we do that
we need a fancy vase
with antique craftsmanship
to show our aesthetics.
Never do we think about
the seeds in the forests
which struggle
and die each day
because of lack of
Sun, rain or even
by getting crushed under
the feet of diverse animals.
The ones which grow out of it
keep the forest intact.
They are the ones which
can face the thunderstorms
or lightning
or droughts
or extreme winters
with arms wide open.
They are the ones which
will never worry about the adversity
of any age
and continue to bloom,
no matter what.
So, at this point I tell you again,
“Bloom where you are planted.”


I gave you a freshness,
like the ocean breeze
in your hair,
minus the salt
to soothe you and calm
you. and give you abundant
love and joy.
But, you took me only
to your needs
like the still object
hanging from the ceiling
and operated as per need.
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Prompt by @msarawgi ✨
Photo by skinny alien from Pexels

Self care practices during COVID19

A poem on self care practices while staying at home!!
Yearning for the morning Sun,
I am always grateful as a new day begins,
With a smiling heart and peaceful thoughts,
I give my day a fresh start.
Focused energies to plant new seeds,
And read and write and walk to the trees,
Reminisce the summer days of the past,
I weave unfathomable dreams with the twinkling stars.
As the morning Sun rises again,
so my beautiful day begins again. 🌸
In these times of #covid_19 we are all going through a lot. Here’s my poem dedicated to my self care routine during these challenging times. Just being grateful to a new day, everyday has filled my heart with so much joy. I enjoy the smallest of things that I do at home and feel connected to nature like never before. I hope this piece brings about a positive outlook in your life. 🌻

Photo by Hassan OUAJBUR from pexels.

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They tried to make me believe
in faith and told me tales of fairies
and every night as I closed my eyes
I wondered if life is fair-y?
Faith. I had none, I grew
to believe in my own deed
Until one day I found love
waiting for me under the tree.
I found a gem, I never asked, I
looked at the sky, to find him at last.
The one who showered abundance
and blessings, he sowed a seed of faith
that day, in my throbbing heart,
which now prays and
believes in his grace,
turning million lives into fairy tales.

love communicates

I still don’t know
if somebody means
good for me or bad.
I don’t know how
I’ve always been so sure
about you and your love.
Perhaps, love does
have a way to
To just let you know
that everything is fine
that everything
will be alright;
that love is eternal
and it will prevail.
Forever. 💕

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Mom, I bow my head

You gave me a life
with the power to
feel, express, breathe.
You gave me a soul
with the power to
sense, connect, travel.
You gave me a mind
with the power to
think, learn, understand.
You gave me a heart
with the power to
love, wish, stay strong.
You gave me a body
with the power to
touch, see, grow.
You gave me so much
in exchange of
nothing at all.
I wonder,
what are you
made of.
You make me believe
in reaching the moon
and all things magic,
and love so unconditional
that it hurts
even the heavens.
Mom, I bow my head
and fold my hands
in front of you,
because you are my God
and not just and artist’s song
which is untrue.
Happy Mother’s Day!